Urban nightlife in Malaysia


Kuala Lumper defiantly took me by surprise with it's vibrant nightlife. With the city already being so cosmopolitan there are a variety of different bars, clubs and restaurants to visit.  

Whether its a classy restaurant or SKy bar, or a bar crawl and a wild night, KL has it all. 


One of my favorite clubs I visited was Club Zion, a newly built club with a lot to offer.  

Club Zion - Urban music (Hip hop and R&B)

Opens 5pm until 5am

Address : 31,Changkat Bukit Bintang 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Dispite opening as early as 5pm Club Zion kicks off quite late. I remember entering the club around 12pm and it was quite dead inside, so we decided to hop through a few bars to pre drink. We returned to the club around 2am where club was package and the energy in the room was lit. The best part about this club for me is that they were offering women FREE Entry and FREE drinks untill 3am. Lets just say I had no problem getting drunk that night. For men Entry was around MYA 30 which is equivenlent to around Β£5 or $7 (US). 


Petaling Street (in China Town) at night offers a vibrant outdoor market. Casual eatting with the locals and lots of stalls to buy souvenirs for dirt cheap. The vibe at night is quite cool and exciting. 


This is one of the first places In South-East Asia that I am keen to go back and visit. Unfortunately I didn't get to visit loads of night spots, but this one strip had enough options to entertain me for my entire trip...And i get board of places easily so that is definitely saying something. 

I had one of the best night out I have every had abroad here, and would defiantly recommend it.