Guide to start the gym

I loved the idea of being this fitness girl but for the longest time I just never had the motivation to begin the journey.

Now I have finally joint back up to the gym and I'm ready to go. I know that many of you also can relate, so I thought I would share some tips about the steps to take if your thinking about joining the gym.

Step 1:

Firstly figure out what it is that you want to achieve whether it's to loose weight, gain weight or just tone up.

Step 2:

 Make a list of exercises and class you know or think you might enjoy

Step 3:

Pick a gym - It's easy to sign up to the gym that's the closest to you, but is that gym for you ?. Before you make a commitment to a membership, have a look around the gym first and consider the follow things:

  • Do I feel excited about working out here ?
  • Is the right equipment available for what I need to work on ?
  • Is this the kind of atmosphere I want when I come to the gym ?
  • Is their classes and group activities available ? (if required)
  • Am I going to be able to make it here each day ?

Once you have consider those things, then you will be able to tell if that gym is for you.

 Step 4:

Once you have signed up start organising the things you will need for the gym - from gym outfits, gym bag, water bottle, protein shakes, lifting belt, et.

Step 5:

Put a routine plan in place. Make a little chart of note In your diary when you are going to attend the gym and for how long your going to train for. Be as realistic as possible so that you have no reason as to why you can't go this week.

Step 6:

Start documenting your attainment and progress. The thing that is most rewarding and motiving is to see the changes that you are aiming for. Keep a little diary of what you have achieve or what well or what you enjoyed about the work out. Take pictures, weigh yourself and tract every little detail you can even if it's one more rep on your squats.