10 Mistakes travelers make & how to avoid making them

10. Not booking full travel insurance - Travel insurance isn't just if you get sick, it actually covers so many things if you buy full cover. 

9. Not doing research about the place you are visiting - Going to a place you have never researched can leave to two possible things. either missing out on going to some amazing places, or the complete opposite where there isn''t much that you want to do, and so only then finding out that the location didn't suit your preferences. 

8. Over packing - Unless your going long haul a lot of the cheaper airlines will charge hold luggage, and these little fee's add up. Most long haul airlines will provide allocation weight per passenger however, again if you go over this weight you may be charge. Also think about it like this, if you suitcase is over weight going out, then it's defiantly going to be over weight coming back and when does that leave you in terms of bringing home souvenirs etc. Don't do it to yourself, just pack what you need, and ensure that you weigh your case before arriving at the airport. 

7. `Booking the wrong accommodation - Imagine booking your hotel and its located near non of the things you want to see or do. Make sure that you do your research into the area that you want to stay and then choose an accommodation from that point. Try to get accommodation that has at least 30% of the areas attractions within walking distance, and even if there are not attractions in walking distance, you may want to be near shops and restaurants at least. 

6. Not making copies of your documents - Anything could happen where you need a copy of your reservation details. You may think you've put somewhere safe and it get's lost or your phone could die. It's also important that you make a copy of your passport incase it get's lost of stollen during your travels. Having a copy makes it much easy when you visit the embassy. 


5. Not tightening your liquids in your hold luggage - Theres nothing worse that opening your suitcase up at your destination to find your clothes covered in cream. You haven't even worn them yet an they are already ruined. How annoying. Make sure you tighten the lids and for extra security tape the lids down with masking tape. 

4. Allowing your phone to roam - This last thing you want after returning for your holiday is a sky high phone bill due to international roaming charges. As soon as you land turn that Sh*it off. Try your best work browse using wifi. In this day and age most country have wifi in airports, cafes, hotels, hostels, and most public places. 

3. Not checking out the best exchange rates - You may think it's easier to exchange money at your destination and sometime this works out beneficial, but most of the time it doesn't. Make sure you do your research about where the best exchange rates are. A lot of the time the airport exchangers will offer 0% commission on large purchases so it's worth putting your money together with someone. It's even closer to home places like M&S and Post office using offer very competitive exchange rate. Check them out, you always want more for your money after all. 

2. Not checking in online - Many budget airlines like to charge customer extra for checking and printing boarding passes. Don't do it to yourself. If you don't have luggage it also make life easier if you have checked in online, because then you can walk straight through security to get to departures.  

1. Not advising your bank that you are travelling. - Trust me it is the most annoying thing when you card get's blocked because you have used your card abroad. Naturally the bank are likely to pick up on the location of your transaction and will assume that someone else could be using your card. They will block the card for security reasons until you contact the fraud time to verify that it is you using your card. When this happens you card really get upset at the bank for looking out for you, so make sure you pop into your local branch or give them a call, and just notify them that you will be travelling between x and x dates. It takes two minutes.